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What if you were part of a supportive and uplifting community of heart centered, Miniature Horse lovers, with the opportunity to learn new skills each and every month, and access to a knowledgeable Miniature Horse expert every time you had a question? 

Now you can access Miniature Horse specific knowledge and a supportive community of Miniature Horse lovers without ever having to leave your own barn

Let’s be honest. Your friends and family love you, but they really don’t get your obsession with Miniature Horses. 

You’re not a “crazy horse girl.”

And we are your people. 

Show up with hay in your hair, mud on your boots and, since it’s all virtual, it really doesn’t matter if you smell like the barn.

Sometimes one of us will even join a meeting FROM the barn and then we get to see their horses too!

This group is 100% a no-judgment zone. 

Not about how you look. Not about how long it’s been since you last did something “productive” with your horse. Not about how many pictures you took of your horses yesterday. (I took 80. I have a problem.) Not about how long you’ve had horses in your life, or the mistakes you make along the way – we’re ALL still learning every day!

Here’s what the Study Group is NOT:

  • A structured formal meeting with slides of training for you to take notes on.
  • A storm of conflicting advice every time you ask a question (and sometimes when you don’t) as is found so many places online.
  • A polished presentation of perfectly behaved horses who don’t have anything left to learn.
  • A place where our horse’s welfare matters less than what they can do for us.

Here’s what the Study Group Is All About!

  • A group of miniature horse lovers catching up, sharing stories
  • Imagine coffee with friends, lots of laughs 
  • A space to be heard when you want to share your struggles or your wins
  • A forum for sharing ideas, experiences and clarifying our understanding of what really makes a difference for our horses.
  • A whole bunch of new friends who already share your basic horsemanship philosophy.
  • New ideas to improve your skills every single month.

Imagine ….

  • Learning new skills or concepts every single month, to help you on your horsemanship journey.
  • Having a resident Miniature Horse expert, with decades of care and training experience, to help you every time you have a question.
  • Knowing there is a supportive community available to you whenever things get tough, or to cheer on your success.
  • Accomplishing more with your Miniature Horse than you ever dreamed!

You’ve tried going it alone.

You’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of conflicting advice from Facebook groups and friends in real life – even when it’s all well meaning, it can be so hard to sort the helpful information from the harmful or just plain wrong.

You got Miniature Horses to have fun with them, but you don’t know what to do next, and sometimes feel like they’re all work, spending all your time just keeping them alive.

You avoid sharing too many photos and stories with your family or on your social media, because you think those in your life get sick of hearing about your Miniature Horses. You’d love to share your adventures with like minded people, but don’t know where to find them.

Here’s what our members say!

“You won’t find a more supportive group anywhere!”

“Great value, and ideal for those who thrive on peer support.”

“You will learn a lot, and be supported by other horse loving owners.”

If you’re looking for ongoing motivation to continue learning and having fun with your Miniature Horse, the Miniature Horsemanship Study Group is for you!

Membership Includes:

  • A monthly Study Topic, with weekly challenges, exercises, and ongoing discussion.
  • A monthly live Q & A zoom call open to all members and recorded and archived for those who aren’t able to attend live and to return to for reference.
  • A monthly Mastermind call, to give members a chance to share their journeys and share all the good and not so good things, all of which will be made better by sharing with a supportive group. Also recorded if you have to miss one!
  • A private Facebook community of fellow Miniature Horse learners.
  • Monthly accountability and goal setting.
  • All for just $39 CDN/month!


About Me:

My name is Kendra, and I am one of the lucky ones who got to grow up with Miniature Horses.

My Grandad and Grandma brought home our first three in 1981, when I was just a year old, and Miniature Horses have been my whole world ever since.

I’ve learned, and unlearned, a lot about horses in that time. I’m certainly not the same horse person I was 20 years ago, but one thing hasn’t changed at all – my love of Miniature Horses.

I believe that Miniature Horses are athletes, and deserving of the same standard of care and training due to a horse of any size, without resorting to manhandling them.

I believe in the power of positive reinforcement, reward based training, and giving our horse a voice and a choice.

I believe in doing my best to give my horses what they need to thrive: friends, forage, and the freedom to express natural behaviours.

I believe that “traditional” horsemanship’s obsession with “respect” is just an excuse to use punishment instead of taking the time to teach the horse what you need them to know.

I believe every horse is an individual and deserves to be treated like one.

And I believe in giving ourselves the same grace we would our horses – we’re all doing the best we can with the information we have. The more we can learn, the better can do for our horses.

I can’t wait to meet you and your horse and see what you can accomplish together!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time are the Zoom calls?

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, at 6 PM MT/8 PM ET, and I’ll send you multiple email reminders with the join info for each meeting.

I’m not able to attend live (or I’d rather not attend live) – will I still be able to participate?

Yes! Every meeting is recorded, so you can catch up whenever is convenient for you. And we have members who attend every meeting, members who are only active in the Facebook group, and members who just enjoy the monthly content on their own. While we’d love to see you at the live meetings, there is plenty of other ways to enjoy the Study Group!

What sort of topics are covered?

I try to have a mix of technical skills and concepts or ideology – so one month might be all about different ways to teach your horse to sidepass, while the next would be exploring the value of adding more choice to your training with your horse. Members are welcome to make suggestions for future topics.

What if I’m more of a “horse person” than a “people person”?

No problem, I am too! You can submit your questions without ever coming to a live session, and get my answer and the wisdom from the group by watching the recording. Participate as little or as much as is comfortable for you – you’ll still get all the content and access to all the recordings, whether or not you ever choose to attend live.

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