I’ve always loved Miniature Horses. And for the first 20+ years of my horse-life I thought that I had a good relationship and understanding of them. But over the past decade I’ve learned so much that has changed and improved every aspect of my interactions with my horses, and made the bond with them so much more rewarding.

I’ve put together 15 key concepts and ideas that have transformed my understanding of my Miniature Horses into this online course. This isn’t about training methods or accomplishing goals, though you will find more success in both those things once you’ve improved your understanding and communication with your horse. This is about building a relationship and understanding why your horse behaves in the way they do, and how we can use that to communicate with them more effectively.

This course will run for the month of January 2019. Every other day you’ll get a new video from me, explaining each topic, as well as a printable PDF, so you can learn the information in the way that’s easiest for you. Your registration will also include access to a private Facebook community, where we can thoroughly discuss and understand each concept, sharing examples and questions from our own horse experience to continue the conversation and learn from each other.

Schedule of Topics:
January 1: What Your Horse Needs
January 3: Learning Theory
January 5: Emotional Systems
January 7: Positive, Negative and Combined Reinforcement
January 9: The Importance of Timing
January 11: Reinforcement History
January 13: Threshold
January 15: Choice
January 17: How Horses See
January 19: Breath Communication
January 21: Opposition Reflex
January 23: Interpretation of Body Language
January 25: Habituation
January 27: Learned Helplessness
January 29: Scientific Method

I’ve kept each video about 10 minutes in length, so you won’t have to set aside a big part of your day to get through it. And you’ll have access to the videos indefinitely, so don’t worry about falling behind and missing out!

Here’s what others are saying about the course:

“I loved this course. Valuable information delivered in a fantastic format. The videos released every other day, accompanied by downloadable summary sheets and follow up group discussions on Facebook were perfect. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the course content and was able to think in depth about each topic for a couple of days before moving on to the next one. Kendra has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and an excellent teaching style. She’s able to clearly communicate complex ideas by giving practical examples in an entertaining and down-to-earth way. I really appreciate her emphasis on using positive reinforcement and approaching training from a scientific perspective. I also enjoyed the cute kittens playing in the background of the videos!”

“The material was delivered in an organized, interesting and easy to understand format. I’d recommend it for any horse owners, not just Miniature Horse owners.”

“This course was great for the new horse owner and the experienced horse owner both. I wish I had had this information prior to training my horses as I would have done many things different. Kendra is so easy to understand and provides excellent examples of how the techniques work and how different variables can result in bad results. I have taken over 200 classes from a variety of trainers as I was completely new to horses 6 years ago. This was the best class on Reinforcement and Punishment that I have found. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a good relationship with a well trained miniature horse.”

“Kendra is a vibrant and fun teacher making me laugh and really tune in to what she had to share with her passion. I loved hearing her laugh in the videos and the way the videos made me feel like we were having a nice chat together instead of having the information just thrown at me. I found the way she laid out the information to be very easy to follow and understand. She definitely brought about a different understanding of my minis during this course! The Facebook group was awesome because it allowed us to share our own experiences and, in some cases, get a deeper understanding of what the lesson was about.”

Any questions? Email me at miniaturehorsemanship@gmail.com