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My name is Kendra, and I love Miniature Horses.

I was just a year old when my grandparents brought home three Miniature Horses. When I was 6 I went in my first Miniature Horse Show (I still have the trophy!) and I never stopped! Canadian National Championships, World Top Tens, High Point Honor Roll wins - I've shown at every level in the breed ring, and in every division, and had a lot of fun along the way!

I discovered Combined Driving over a decade ago, and it quickly became a favourite form of competition. Champion at Training and Preliminary levels with a Single VSE, I've also dabbled a little with a tandem, and look forward to more competitions in the future.

I've competed in Horse Agility online since 2016, but started entering consistently and moving up the levels in 2020 - Little Duke and I are now competing at the highest level offered, and enjoying the challenge each and every month.

I have a strong interest in science based training and positive reinforcement, and love sharing what I've learned to help others have more success and a better relationship with their Miniature Horses.

For 17 years I worked at an Equine Veterinary Clinic (Burwash Equine Services - the clinic that takes excellent care of my herd!) and I have a strong interest in health care and management of Miniature Horses in general, and senior horses in particular.

I've been a full time instructor and coach for nearly a decade, and today do most of my teaching virtually, allowing me to connect with humans and horses all over the world.

I am the author of The Big Book of Miniature Horses, the must have primer on everything Miniature Horse.

I can't wait to meet you and your horse and see what you can accomplish together!