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Understand the science behind using food rewards in training, and get started hands on teaching your horse treat manners, to touch a target, as well as basic skills of walking over a tarp, the first steps of sidepass and back, and liberty leading!

The Groundwork Masterclass

Whether you want to have a competitive obstacle, showmanship or agility horse, or simply want a horse who is a good citizen and easy to work with for daily handing or anything else you want to do with them, The Groundwork Masterclass is the course for you. Comprehensive and including unedited training videos of SIX horses going through the exercises in the course, you'll learn how best to train the horse have.

Training Your Miniature Horse to Drive

The step by step process I've used to start horses in harness for years, including the whys, and how to make sure your horse is truly ready to move on to the next step. With hands-on videos to help you see exactly what to expect.

Improving Your Miniature Driving Horse

Help your driving horse be the best they can be! Learn to refine your communication with your driving horse, and exercises to help them build the strength and balance to improve their performance, and maintain their soundness for a long, happy driving career.