In the format of my popular Understanding Your Miniature Horse course, this online course will take you through the concepts you need to understand to help your driving horse be the best they can be.

Each module will cover a new topic, with a teaching video, a demonstration video (with side and driver views) and a printable pdf that explains the concept and how you can use it to improve your skills, in simple, easy to follow terms. You’ll also get exercises to work through to help you solidify your understanding of the concepts, polish your skills, and truly help your driving horse reach their potential.

Module 1: Harness Fit and Why it Matters

Module 2: Rein Communication

Module 3: Voice Communication

Module 4: Rhythm & Relaxation

Module 5: The Walk

Module 6: The Trot

Module 7: Transitions

Module 8: Bending

Module 9: Impulsion & Collection

Module 10: Creating a Fitness Program

A private Facebook community will also support you along the way, as a place to ask questions, share progress and cheer on others on the same journey.

Note: This course is for horses who are already driving. If you’d like to train your Miniature Horse to drive, please click here.


“Kendra’s courses are fabulous!! All easy to understand and feels like you are truly getting a individual lesson from her! Recommend all her courses! Through and step by step, but also allowing one to do some thinking on their own!”

“I learned a lot from this course and definitely recommend it. Kendra explains driving concepts very well and her videos demonstrate her explanations.”