Caring for your Senior Miniature Horse

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to own any old folks now, the day will come when you’ll have elderly horses that need your care.

Older horses definitely require some specialized care, and being aware of the issues they’re likely to face will give you the best chance to keep them happy and healthy well into their golden years.

We’ll talk about when you need to start thinking of your horse as a senior, and what sort of things to watch for to let you know that they’re showing the early signs of age related issues.

This class will teach you all about senior horse nutrition, health concerns they are likely to face, and monitoring their quality of life.

We’ll even discuss the sad reality of end of life decisions, a topic that is much easier to become familiar with before it becomes a pressing concern.

Since technical information often isn’t as clarifying as real life examples, we’ll also include case studies, looking in depth at a number of senior Miniature Horses and the age related challenges they face, as well as the medical care and husbandry practices that are keeping them healthy and happy.

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