Groundwork Masterclass

What if you could have your Miniature Horse confidently completing obstacle classes, showmanship and agility courses in just eight weeks?

The Miniature Horsemanship Groundwork Masterclass will introduce you to a fear free, confidence building system for working with your Miniature Horse.

  • Learn to identify your horse’s personality traits, so you can work with them, instead of against them.
  • Instead of “showing your horse who’s boss,” you’ll learn about the benefits of positive reinforcement. Instead of a dictatorship, you’ll learn to build a partnership with your horse so you can work together as a team.
  • Your horse will develop the skills they need to be a pleasure to handle for day to day care, and have the foundation to become a polished performer in halter obstacle, showmanship or horse agility.
  • Multiple exercises to teach each skill, so you can find the right approach for your horse.
Inside the Groundwork Masterclass, you’ll see four very different equines working their way through the course, and with complete video of them learning every step of the way. That means you see everything – when it goes well, and when it doesn’t, because I don’t believe you can learn if you only see it going perfectly.
🐴 SONIC is nervous and reactive. He has a big reaction to small stimuli and the world is a scary place for him. He has separation anxiety and is quite claustrophobic. But he’s smart, and very athletic and quick.
🐴 TEMPEST has a very strong opposition reflex and he’s a tank who uses his bulk to get his way. He is the sort of horse that would be labelled “stubborn” (by those who like to label horses – I’ve been trying to retrain myself not to!) He balks at new things, and if pushed he fights back – dangerously.
🐴 UP is a typical cookie monster mouthy youngster. He has trouble focusing, and you’ll see us learning to balance food rewards with focus on the skill we’re learning. He is smart when you can get him focused and enjoys the new skills, but would rather eat treats and get hugs given the option.
🐴 BENTLEY is a mule who does not respond well to pressure of any kind – you pull on him, he pulls on you twice as hard, you push he pushes back. So Bentley went through the entire course at liberty, which was a very fun challenge for me to stop relying on a lead rope to guide him through the exercises. Making it always his choice to participate made him an engaged learner.
Which of these horses sounds most like yours?

Module 1: Introduction & Theory

Module 2: Moving as a Team

Module 3: Whoa Responsibly

Module 4: Body Control

Module 5: Find Your Feet

Module 6: Being Brave

Module 7: Building Precision

Module 8: Putting it all Together

BONUS modules: Jumping, Trick Training, Liberty

When you complete this course, your horse will be comfortably – and successfully – completing a showmanship pattern and obstacle or agility course, and you’ll have a much stronger, more effective partnership, with the tools in place to better communicate with your horse no matter the situation.

I know life gets busy and horses like to throw us curveballs sometimes, so if you get behind and aren’t able to work on the weekly goals, it’s no problem … once you’re registered you’ll have access to catch up or revisit the content indefinitely.


“Loved the course! Gave me new ideas and ways to train. Worked for my very green mini mule and my more experienced mini mares. What works for one equine doesn’t always work for the next, so if you’re like me and always looking for new info and ways to train this is the course for you to try!”

“I had learned about agility from Kendra’s book, but I hadn’t had much success with training. This class explained how to train with such detail that I am easily working successfully on agility, obstacles, tricks, and jumping with fun and none of my previous frustration. I really appreciate the community feeling I get from the course and having the ability to watch the videos over and over again.”

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