Not Just Show Horses

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but horse shows are only one way to enjoy your Miniature Horse.

It’s a challenging time in the world right now, in so many ways, and while I don’t have the life experience or expertise to weigh in on most of it, I do feel qualified to speak to this.

I’ve been concerned by so many posts saying things like “Well if *insert show name here* is cancelled then I’m going to sell my horses!” and even horses listed for sale, with the cancellation of shows cited as a reason.

Honestly, if the cancelling of a few shows – due to a global pandemic no less! – means you want to sell your horses, then I really think you should. If they don’t mean anything to you beyond what they can win at a show, let them go on to someone who will appreciate and enjoy them on the non-show days too … after all, that’s most of them!

I grew up showing horses. This is going to be the very first summer of my entire memory that hasn’t been spent going to horse shows, and only because they’ve all been cancelled in my area due to COVID-19.

I love showing horses. I love having the goal to work towards, the thrill of competition, talking horses with all my horse show friends.

But I don’t love my horses because I can show them. I enjoy showing because I love my horses.

It’s okay for shows to be your favourite thing to do with your horses. But instead of giving up just because you can’t go to shows, use this as an opportunity to branch out and discover other activities that you might enjoy as well.

What new fun activity will you try with your Miniature Horse this summer?


3 thoughts on “Not Just Show Horses”

  1. So true, Kendra! I love competing in our CDEs, testing both myself and my horses in our skill. However the time I’ve been able to spend with my horse (and the money I’ve saved!) with no shows this season is really paying off. We are having a grand time just doing fun things and our bond has grown because of it.

    I agree with your statement – if people feel that they have to get rid of horses because they can’t show then I feel they are doing it for the wrong reason. I;’m sure that there are lots of people out there who would love a little companion to experience life together!

  2. You are amazing in that you express that it is not about showing a horse, it is about the relationship you build with them. Wish many more could adopt your attitude!

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