Introducing Miniature Horsemanship Stories!

Big news everyone!! I am starting a podcast!

It’s going to be an interview show, and we’re going to meet the people who love Miniature Horses. Everyone has a story to tell, and the goal is to entertain and inspire as we hear what fun everyone is getting up to.

Click below for the first episode, where I explain how future episodes will work and share a little about my own journey.

The podcast is currently in the process of being approved on all podcast platforms, so give it a few more days then be sure to subscribe with your favourite podcast player so you never miss an episode!

I’m really excited about the interviews I already have lined up and I look forward to chatting with many of you in the future!


3 thoughts on “Introducing Miniature Horsemanship Stories!”

  1. I love it, thank you.
    I run a non-profit donkey sanctuary and then one day I get the phone call
    ” can you help ”
    So I became a mother to 6 minis within a 2 day period, I learnt that 3 are A size and the other 3 are B sizes. One produced a little filly plus two have locking stifle.
    While researching for information I found your web page, I singed up, watched your YouTube videos. Thank you for taking the time to do this, once my vet bill is paid off I will buy your book also.

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