10 Things I Love About My Miniature Horses

This morning I was doing my chores. I have a cold, and while we’ve had a beautiful stretch of weather a frost overnight had frozen the hose, and I was thinking how much I hate hoses, especially frozen ones, and feeling generally cranky.

So I flipped the script. What do I LOVE about my Miniature Horses? I decided I had to limit it to 10, because otherwise I’d get out of control.

  1. Tucking my oldest old folks in the barn on a cold and snowy night, knowing they are cozy and comfy.
  2. When I’m done feeding and I just stand there for a while and watch and listen to everyone chew.
  3. When they learn something new, and they’re so proud of their new skill. Especially when it’s something that has been a struggle for us.
  4. When they nicker at me when it isn’t feeding time. Bonus points for Bentley’s adorable weird bray-nicker hybrid.
  5. Driving a Roadster horse at Drive On in a big arena with perfect footing.
  6. Watching them run and play. No matter what I’m supposed to be doing, if they’re going to prance and buck, I’m watching them.
  7. The first proper drive with a learning driving horse.
  8. Scratching all the itchiest bits, and feeling the wiggly nose scratching me back.
  9. Sharing my horses with others – it’s easy to forget the magic of a Miniature Horse until you see it through another’s eyes.
  10. Working with my horse as a team to accomplish a goal, whether it’s a horse agility course or a combined driving event.

My challenge to you – share 10 things you love about Miniature Horses! #10thingsIloveaboutMiniatureHorses


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