Choose Connection

When we’re new to horses, we hear a lot of things that make us think we have to be in charge. “Show him who’s boss.” “He being disrespectful.” “You need to be the alpha.”

I used to be this way.

I thought I had to be the one in charge. I said jump, my horses said, how high. It wasn’t a conversation, it was me issuing orders and them obeying.

That’s not the way I do things anymore.

I want my horse to have a voice in our partnership. I want them to feel comfortable saying no, and be able to use that as information to help them become more willing on the next attempt.

I want my horse to choose to be with me, without any threat of consequences if they don’t. I want an open line of communication, one that works both ways. I want to listen to what they try to tell me the very best way that I can, and be as clear as possible in helping them understand what I’m asking of them.

Communication, not coersion. Connection, not control.

Choose Joy, Choose Kindness, Choose Connection


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