Unicorns Matter

As a kid, I wasn’t into unicorns.

Granted, unicorns are having a great surge in popularity in recent years and weren’t “the thing” like they are now, but still, as a kid I was a SERIOUS HORSE PERSON and flights of fancy like unicorns weren’t something I would’ve been into.

That’s changed for me now, of course! If it hadn’t been for covid, my 40th birthday party would’ve been a unicorn themed extravaganza with all my friends and family!

I think it’s important to embrace the idea of a unicorn, the fairytale, the magic.

While Bailey is my obvious unicorn for actual unicorning, with her unicorn colour and gregarious personality, unicorn also means unique, rare and magical, and I’ve been lucky to have lots of those kinds of unicorns in my life.

Image is my unicorn. The most talented horse I’ve ever driven, we conquered the show ring together and had so many joyful drives through the hayfield. Image is my lifetime unicorn, my best friend for the past 25 years.

Hawk is my unicorn. The challenging horse who made me have to be a much better horse person in so many different ways. Hawk’s magic made me grow, fundamentally changing my horsemanship and my life, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Little Duke is my unicorn. The joy of new adventures together, and a true partner with a voice and a choice.

Wish is my unicorn. The magic of friendship and games played, joyful in the time we spend together.

And so many others in so many ways, showing me the magic of horses, and how each unique personality brings something special to my life, my knowledge and my journey.

While I might not have believed in unicorns as a little girl, I certainly do now!

Tell me about your unicorn!



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