Things I Love – Blu-Toque

You’ve probably noticed the snazzy yellow and red toque I wear in a lot of the videos I share. But what you might not know is just how cool it is – it’s bluetooth!

The ultimate in multitasking, not only does it keep my head and ears warm – in style – but it also has bluetooth headphones built in!

I got it for Christmas and I absolutely love it … I can listen to my favourite podcasts from the Horse Radio Network while I do my chores, listen to an audio book, or chat with Christine about our latest plans for world domination without even slowing down on cleaning stalls. The microphone and speakers are great! I’ve even chatted with my brothers, toque to toque, and they still sound great.

The charge lasts for a long time, I only have to charge every 4 or 5 days, using it at least an hour (or three) a day, and it plugs in with a simple USB and charges up in only a couple hours.

If you’re out in the winter doing chores – and if you have horses and winter, I suspect you are – then you definitely need a blu-toque! I have actually been thinking sadly of the day when it will be too warm to wear a toque, because it’s just so convenient! Hands free listening and talking, with no headphones to fall out or cords to get tangled in … what could be better?

Click below to check it out!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love – Blu-Toque”

  1. Pretty cool ! I wondered how you managed to do chores while listening to the Horses in the Morning radio show. I listen to audiobooks on my long drive out to the stable and back.

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