Stories: Episode 39: Theresa Fleming – Equine Learning and Literacy Advocates E.L.L.A

Theresa Fleming joins us to share about their work using Miniature Horses to promote literacy – how cool is that! Through their non profit charity, Miniature Horses get kids excited about reading, and about the local Colorado history. We also chat about senior horses, and how they’re still able to make a difference through these unique programs.

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Manipulators Buckingham (World Champion Show Stallion, now retired at the mini ranch) having a book, The Phantom Stallion, read to him by Theresa’s granddaughter, Natalya



Natalya first reading the
story to Cricket and …
Doing the Story Circle game with Cricket after reading the story—creating her own “story” as she and Cricket go around the circle.
Reading to Shady Lady at a Black Stallion Literacy Foundation event.
Library visit with Lil Pearl
Book table of free books at a local Parks and Recreation Summer Camp “Meet A Mini” event.
Little girl who wanted to meet a miniature donkey because she had just turned in a report in school about them. Her grandparents brought her out as a surprise.

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