Miniature Horsemanship Kids Club – Introduction to Horses

Horses teach confidence, leadership, trust, communication skills and a very strong sense of self.

Miniature Horses offer all the benefits of horses, in a less intimidating package – and they’re so much fun!

Our Miniature Horsemanship Kids Club sessions – beginning in August – take place at our conveniently located Miniature Horse Farm – less than 10 minutes from Cochrane, 25 minutes from Airdrie and 25 minutes from NW Calgary.

Your registration includes four sessions working with our herd of beautiful Miniature Show Horses, a 2:1 instructor ratio, Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning, and valuable horsemanship skills. Your child (ages 7-15) will receive certification of their accomplishments, have a chance to showcase their skills in a show, and have the opportunity to progress to more advanced programs to further their knowledge.

The environment is designed for stress reduction and expansion of one’s skills: leadership skills, life skills, social skills, communication skills, developing emotional agility, understanding sensory systems and developing a sense of calm.

The key elements of horses, animals and nature reduce cortisol in the brain (the stress hormone) and increase the flow of oxytocin (the feel good hormone). When oxytocin is flowing the brain receptors open up and allow learning to take place. You then feel improved cognitive and physical function, emotional and social regulation, and personal growth.

About The Instructors:

Julia Morgan, of Horse Powered Connections, is a certified advanced FEEL® practitioner. FEEL® stands for Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning®, and horses are a very active participant in the process. Using a horse-led series of exercises, equine experiential learning works with the horse’s natural sensitivity to physical movement and emotional states to help people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills leading to personal growth through positive life changes.

Julia’s focus is on children. Her journey began with her own son, who was non-verbal and diagnosed as severely autistic, and is now an outgoing, talkative and confident little boy, a transformation that Julia credits to the horses and learning to connect with his environment more like a horse would.

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Kendra Gale, of Miniature Horsemanship, is an Equestrian Canada Certified Instructor, and knows firsthand the benefits of growing up with horses, and specifically, Miniature Horses. Her grandparents brought home their first three Miniature Horses when she was just a toddler. With a diploma in Equine Science and over 16 years working for an equine veterinary practice, Kendra continues to expand her knowledge at every opportunity, attending multiple educational clinics and seminars annually.

Kendra enjoys sharing her Miniature Horses, allowing others to benefit from the relationships, and the lessons they can teach.

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