Kendra’s 2019 Goals

Here’s my 2019 Goal Setting Worksheet! As you can see, I’ve kept it pretty broad for now, with some big goals, three events, and not too many specifics. That’s because life happens and things change, and we need to adapt. Hopefully I won’t be adapting to anything as huge and life changing as we had to last year, but still, keeping think flexible sets us up for success. Hopefully my goals give you an idea of what goals you’d like to set in 2019! You can click below to get a copy of the worksheet – choose pdf or doc and clicking will start the download for you! (If you’re trying from an apple device it might not work – if that’s the case, just let me know and I’ll email it to you!)

The Miniature Horsemanship Way

Putting your horse’s health, happiness and well-being first to build a more rewarding relationship.

Let’s start with a look back at the year that was! How did things go for you in 2018?

Horse Health & Management: What part of your 2018 routine do you want to be sure and continue in 2019?

I am pretty happy with the health of my herd – no major changes, but will always look for tweaks towards improvement!


Relationship: What activity did your horse enjoy the most in 2018? What did you find the most enjoyable? What was the biggest improvement in your relationship with your horse?

Rocky: really loved his marathon, not so much the practicing to get there.

Little Duke: really proud of his learning to lead in the tandem, loved working with kids

Finnegan: takes wheel on the tandem very seriously

Me: driving tandem, combined driving, tricks and liberty work with the youngsters


Education: What were the most useful things you learned in 2018? What clinics, seminars or other learning opportunities did you attend in 2018?

Learning more about choice, control and consent was the most exciting this year.

I wasn’t able to get to my usual clinics this year, but got in lots of great research and the judge at the CDE I attended was a wealth of knowledge to help me with my tandem driving.


Achievements: What did you teach your horse in 2018? What personal goals did you reach?

I drove a tandem on their first outing (dressage test). Both a personal goal and a learning curve for my boys, especially Little Duke as the leader. Also Rocky drove his first full CDE!



Horse Health & Management: A healthy horse is going to be better able to learn and perform, and your horse’s health depends on your knowledge of care and management practices. Check in below!

I am happy with 2018.    I need to learn more.      New Plan to Implement

Feeding Program                              ☒                                           ☐                           But always room to learn!

Parasite Control                                ☐                                           ☒                           FECs in the spring

Vaccine Protocol                              ☒                                           ☐

Housing/Management                      ☒                                           ☐

Hoof Care                                            ☒                                           ☐


In what areas do you need to expand your knowledge to help you in your journey this year? What lessons, clinics, book, online courses, or research are you planning to implement?

Driving multiples – hope to take a clinic in the spring with my tandem, and will continue to research and learn towards my goal of driving four. Reread draft horse primer and other books.

And always continue learning about horse horses learn and improving my knowledge of their health and biomechanic soundness.


When setting goals, it’s important to focus on things you can control. Instead of setting a goal of “winning first place”, try “improving my dressage scores”, “practicing my grooming skills” or “learning a new skill”.

Drive the tandem in a complete driving event.

Drive a pair in a driving event. (Maybe two!)

Show in an AMHA show “for real” which I haven’t been able to do in years!

Make playing with my horses a regular priority – not just looking after them.


Check back to your answers from page one. What did you find more enjoyable over the past year? What about your horse? Do the goals you chose above align with where you had the most fun? If not, maybe you might want to tweak, or even totally re-evaluate your goals. How can you incorporate the things you and your horse enjoy the most?

Tandem and team driving fun for everyone! 😉


Making a Plan

Choose areas of focus or educational goals for each month of the year – in winter months, you might add books you want to read, or topics to research, while in the summer training goals might be more easily accomplished. Include major events (clinics, shows, events) in the months they’ll happen to help you plan.

Remember to be flexible – horses don’t read the plan. When you’re planning your year in advance, you might want to use if/then statements: if Skookums is getting really comfortable with his obstacle skills, then plan to enter halter obstacle at the show.

Revisit regularly. Things change. Your horses training and health, your finances, new interests, or even your own health, could all quickly throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Put a note into your calendar to pull out your goals and revisit quarterly, or even monthly, to make changes or help keep you motivated and on a positive track, even when things aren’t going exactly as you planned. Just make a new plan!

January                Read! Play when weather and time allows.

February              Agility. Groundwork, liberty, driving basics for youngsters. Gymnastic groundwork.

March                   Agility. Groundwork, liberty, driving basics for youngsters. Gymnastic groundwork.

April                      Driving! Tandem, pair, singles for show.

May                       Driving! Tandem, pair, singles for show.

June                      Take the tandem to lessons and Wild Rose HDT

July                        WCMHC Finale Show

August                  Stonebridge CDE – pair

September         Driving! Starting youngsters, working with pairs/four???

October               Driving as long as possible, back to agility work

November          Groundwork and agility, working with youngsters.

December           Christmas pictures! 🙂


It can be helpful to also schedule time each week to work towards your goals, to make sure it’s a priority, but be sure to also schedule time off. You don’t want to burn out, or cause your horse to lose their enthusiasm for their job. Our horse time is fun time!

One last question: Why do you have Miniature Horses? Write down some reasons below, and while you’re learning, practicing, and reaching your goals in 2019, don’t lose your why!

I have Miniature Horses because I love working with them and making sure they are happy and healthy. My goals will help me spend more time with them outside of just taking care of them (which I love too, but can’t be all I do with them).


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