It’s Always You

We tend to blame our horses when something goes wrong.

We’ve all done it, said things like, “He’s just being a jerk today.” “I don’t know why he is doing that!” or “He just acted up out of nowhere!”

The thing is, if our horse is behaving in ways other than the one we want them to, odds are extremely good that it’s something that we’re doing, or not doing, that’s causing the problem.

It’s always you. It’s always me. It’s always us.

That might sound discouraging, but it’s actually very good news!

If it’s always us, then that means that we have the power to change it.

Whether that means working on our own posture and body position, learning a new technique, going back to a previous step, adjusting our management systems or explaining a new skill to the horse in a different way, if it’s our fault it’s not going well, then that’s great news because we have control over our actions and can make a real difference.

The next time you’re struggling, instead of putting the onus on the horse, think about what you can change about what you’re doing, to help your horse give you the answer you’re looking for.


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