Fluffy to Fabulous

Miniature Horses get really furry in the winter.

It’s a good thing; it means they’re able to thrive in very cold climates.

Also, they’re adorable.

But it can be hard to see through the hair to the elegant tiny horse underneath, especially for those who are new to the breed. With time, we can all develop x-ray vision, to see through the fluff to the quality of the horse beneath, but at first it can be hard.

I see people advertising horses (especially youngsters) for sale and saying “price will go up when I clip them” which would be totally fair if that means they’re charging for the clip job (by the way, I really hate clipping lol) but is a bit odd if they think clipping is going to change the value of the horse itself. While clipping a yearling does sometimes feel like unwrapping a beautiful surprise, the quality of the horse itself is the same with hair or without.

Other breeders refuse to show photos of their horses unless they’ve been show clipped. I have heard stories of breeders who say they’ve lost sales because the buyer asked for current photos and couldn’t see through the fluff, or didn’t even believe it was the same horse when they were furry vs clipped and shiny and posed by a pro.

I think it’s time to normalize the fur.

Miniature Horses are hairy for a big chunk of the year. Yeah, it’s fun to see how gorgeous they are when shed or clipped. Sometimes in the winter I’ll come across a photo or video of my horses in the summer and have a happy little thrill at how beautiful they can be.

But they’re adorable in their winter hair too, and the more we share them in full coat, and normalize seeing them that way, the better prepared newcomers to our breed will be.

Share your horses, in full winter floof, AND in slick summer coats. Side by side.

Hashtag them #miniflufftofabulous

Lets show off our horses, and let the world see how beautiful they are – in all seasons.


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