Fearful =/= Learning

Horses can’t learn anything if they’re scared.

Fear prevents them from understanding, learning, remembering. Fear only lets them react. That means you might appear to have gotten what you wanted – the horse went over the tarp, or pulled the cart, or got in the trailer – but if they were reacting out of fear, they didn’t really learn it and understand it.

They could be afraid of the training tools, a new piece of equipment, a new environment, or even of their trainer, but regardless of the source of the fear, their training isn’t going to be as effective as it would be with a calm, comfortable, relaxed horse.

When a horse is afraid, he won’t remember what you were trying to teach him, but will remember the fear. The next time he’s around that training tool, or that trailer, or that cart, all the fear will be there, but little or nothing of what you were working so hard to each him.

Take the time to make sure your horse is comfortable and relaxed during any training. Give them time to think, and make sure they know when they’re on the right track. Teach them baby steps towards a skill, instead of jumping in at the deep end.

Go slow, and you’ll get there a whole lot faster.

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