Why I Don’t Call Them “Minis”

If you’ve talked to me any length of time, or read my book or website, then you’ve probably noticed that I refer to my Miniature Horses as just that: Miniature Horses. If I’m going to shorten it, then I’m going to call them horses.

I never – ever – use the term “mini” to describe my horses, and am fond of telling people that a “mini” is a car or a skirt – I have Miniature Horses.

It seems silly to some, and maybe it is, a bit. For sure other breeds use abbreviations. My Facebook is filled with discussions of Arabs, OTTBs, QHs, and the list goes on.

And I sure don’t mean that you can’t continue to use the term mini – by all means, you do you!

When it irks me, is when it’s used in place of “horses” – you don’t have a barn full of warmbloods and say, “Well, I’m off to feed the KWPN’s now!” But people do say, “I’m off to feed the minis!”

I don’t like when Miniature Horses are talked about like they’re something different than horses, which is why I’d rather they were called a pony than a mini. Ponies get treated like horses; minis don’t. Calling them a “mini” when you could say “horse” instead minimizes them (no pun intended.) 

Now – do I actually care how you choose to refer to your own horses? Nope. You call them whatever makes you happy, of course!

But mine are Miniature Horses. Always have been, always will be.


One thought on “Why I Don’t Call Them “Minis””

  1. I get it! – you’re distinguishing between the breed vs. a reference to size. Totally! It’s a pet peeve type of thing and some might call hair-splitting but distinctions of meaning do count. Having said that, I’ll probably continue referring to mine (incorrectly but out of your hearing, of course) as ‘minis’.

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