As I type this, at the end of October 2023, I’m currently caring for 15 horses who are between 20 and 31 years of age, and another 11 who are 18 and 19, which means that 26 out of a total of 48 horses in our herd are solidly considered senior citizens. And as you would expect, they have a corresponding number of special needs as a result: 9 on medication for Cushings, 1 on medication for Insulin Resistance, 2 on anti-inflammatories for arthritis pain, 6 on soaked feed for dental issues, and a dozen who need supplemental senior feed.

I wrote a series of articles to help others care for their senior horses to the best of their abilities, so that we can all enjoy our special friends and give them a good quality of life for as long as possible!

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Equine Cushings Disease

Dental Care



End of Life Decisions