Announcing the Miniature Horsemanship Time Spent Program!

This program – available only to Miniature Horsemanship community members – will give you a chance to log the time you spend with your Miniature Horse and earn rewards!

These sort of time spent programs are available through lots of organizations, but we’ve tweaked this one a little. You don’t need to log with a specific horse, or doing a specific activity (riding, driving, etc).

Instead, we chatted in the private community and decided that we are going to log any time spent with our Miniature Horses, doing anything beyond basic care – feeding, watering and picking poop doesn’t count. Grooming, trick training, going for a walk, driving training … everything else does!

And, of course, there are prizes!

If you reach 100 hours logged in 2017, you’ll receive your Annual 2018 Membership for free!

If you reach 200 hours, then you’ll receive a Miniature Horsemanship online course of your choice for free!

And if you get the highest hours logged in 2017, I’ll find something EXTRA special!

Download the log form below! (You must be logged in to see it!)


2 thoughts on “Announcing the Miniature Horsemanship Time Spent Program!”

  1. I’d like to participate in the “Time Spent” program. I’m having trouble figuring out how to become a member and log in to get the form.

    Plz help 🙂

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pam! I got your registration for the feeding course and updated it to include the annual membership – you should be able to access the form now!


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