My first mini was only halter trained when I got her. Applying what I learned in the Miniature Horsemanship online courses has resulting in a better bond with my horse. Using the targeting we learned in Positive Reinforcement she learned to push a large ball as a game. She is definitely more inclined to hang out with me at liberty and she is more respectful of my space.

Susan Mackey


Before taking the Miniature Horsemanship online courses I was struggling with how to communicate with my new-to-me mini mule.  I learned some great training alternatives which improved our relationship. Once I learned how he learned best, training has been so much easier and much less frustrating for us both!

Both my mini horse and my mini mule have really made progress in local desensitization clinics. My horse drives and has always been a solid little cart horse, but even he has shown more confidence since we started attending clinics. The mini mule started attending clinics as a yearling and has just become a confident little mule.  He started ground driving this last year and will be put to cart some spring.

I am more confident as a trainer/leader and they are more willing and confident. We all have much more fun when out and about.  I call this a win-win!

I find Kendra to be approachable and available.  She is active in the FB page and is always willing to help troubleshoot any horse related issues.  She is a great cheerleader as well.  She helps to celebrate the little successes.

Kendra’s courses have really helped us all!

Sharon O


Before taking the Miniature Horsemanship online courses I was struggling with trying to plot a course of action for myself and my 3 minis. I didn’t know where to start. I had never owned a horse before and I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to be able to confidently work with and train my minis.

Now, I’m getting to know their personalities and learning styles.  Working on liberty work, targeting, working as a team. I understand them better. It is interesting to compare them to Kendra’s horses learning the same things.

It’s been great!  The courses have taught me concrete skills that were easy to master. Everything is explained in detail and it’s very easy to follow.

Kendra’s courses were just what I needed to start working confidently with my minis.

Lorraine Fraser


As a result of the Miniature Horsemanship online courses, my communication with my horse and our understanding of each other has greatly increased. I am so much clearer on uses of harness and cart.

I have trained a couple of challenging horses and enjoyed it. I believe they enjoy it also – my relationship with my horses has changed, all for the better.

I’m impressed with Kendra’s quick responses in lay man terms.

Joyce Bentley


I was relatively new to caring for and working with horses and had recently got my first miniature horse that was broke to drive. I was ready to consume any and all info that I could.

I got my miniature at a time when I was unable to attend clinics or visit others for hands-on learning experiences, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. I was encouraged to explore Kendra’s resources and found everything I needed to become successful through her online learning platform, social media, and email communication. My husband is impressed with how much I have learned and how I have connected with my horse in such a short amount of time. He has even asked me to do some ground work with his rope horse.

I am now VERY comfortable working with my horse, from grooming and feeding, to communicating and doing ground work. I always have more questions but my confidence has greatly increased.

My relationship with my horse has become one of mutual respect. We now “listen” to each other and have more patience, which has resulted in more “wins” for both of us.

The resources are easy to access on all of my devices and allow me to learn at my own pace, which worked well, as a mother of young children.

Meghan McKinnon