December 19, 2020

I had been away from horses for many years and found myself gifted with my first miniature horse. I didn’t know anything about miniature horses when I found Kendra’s “Understanding Your Miniature Horse” course. I discovered a lot of new things about horses that I didn’t know and realized that there were different ways of working with horses than I knew about. Kendra’s courses have opened up a whole new world of understanding and working with horses to me.

I have taken my 2 year old horse from the basics of groundwork to a beginning driving horse (at age 4). I have a better relationship and understanding of “what makes him tick” than I’ve ever had with a horse before.

I’ve learned to lighten up in my training methods. I’ve learned that having fun is the most important thing, and that its ok to change directions if something isn’t going well.

I really appreciate Kendra’s willingness to be available for advice when the inevitable questions arise. The Book Club and other opportunities to meet with other horse owners have given me a great venue to share stories of successes and troubleshoot.