Trick Training Bootcamp – April 2024

10 Tricks – 30 Days

I am asked all the time for more trick training instruction – so here it is! We’re going to do a deep dive into trick training, with lots of live support from me along the way.

If you’re looking to build a stronger partnership with your horse, then trick training is a great place to start.

Horses can’t tell the difference between a “silly” trick and “serious training.” But because humans don’t take them so seriously, training tricks tends to be more fun for both members of the partnership! And if you’re new to using food rewards in your training, tricks are a great way to learn some very effective training skills that you can then use to teach anything else, while still keeping the fun and rewards.

A trick isn’t just a trick – it’s a pathway to more effective communication with your Miniature Horse!


🐎 A New Trick Tutorial every 3 Days for the month of April

🐎 Video Tutorials of each trick, demonstrating the trick with an experienced horse AND teaching it to a horse who hasn’t learned it before, so you’ll see exactly how to teach the trick to your horse.

🐎 Weekly live Zoom Q&A meetings every Wednesday in April, PLUS bonus wrap up live Zoom on May 1st

🐎 A private Facebook group for asking questions and sharing videos that will remain active through May as well so you can continue to ask questions and get individual support.

Trick List:

  • Be Polite
  • Touch a Target
  • Step on a Pedestal
  • Spin
  • Handsfree Sidepass
  • Spanish Walk/High Five
  • Simple Bow
  • Kiss
  • Liberty Leading
  • Smile


When are the Zoom calls? What if I’m not able to attend live? 

Zoom calls will be Wednesdays at 6 PM MT (that’s 8 PM ET), and they will be recorded – that means, if you’re not able to attend live you can ask your question ahead of time and I’ll make sure it’s addressed, and you can catch up with the recording!

How long will I have access to the content? 

You’ll have access to the tutorials and recordings indefinitely, and the Facebook group will remain active until the end of May, and then it will no longer be active, but the content will still be there for you to review.

Will my horse know all 10 tricks by the end of the month? 

Possibly! But I suggest you don’t put that sort of pressure on yourself OR your horse – this is supposed to be fun for you both! It depends a lot on how much time and energy you have to dedicate to trick training, and your horse’s enjoyment of the new skills. Some horses have a natural aptitude for some tricks instead of others, and you’ll find which ones really appeal to your horse. If you put in the effort, your horse will know several new tricks by the end of the month, and have a good start towards understanding the rest.

Can I share videos with you for personalized feedback? 

Absolutely! That’s what the Facebook group is for, you can share your video there and I’ll give you some personalized training advice for your horse and situation, plus you’ll have all the other students to cheer you on and celebrate with you!

I’m not a big fan of attending live or sharing with strangers – will I still get the full benefit of the course? 

Yes! I’m not really a joiner either – you’ll get all the tutorials, and can contact me privately with questions if you prefer. The Miniature Horsemanship community is very kind and welcoming, and I hope you’ll be able to participate, but if you can’t or would rather not, you will get all the same information and support!

What equipment do I need?

You need a Miniature Horse (or donkey or mule), a safe space to work with them away from other helpful horsey friends, some food rewards (part of their regular feed ration is fine!), something to use as a target (an old crop, an extendable duster, or even your own hand will all work!), something safe to use as a pedestal (a nice sturdy hay bale for example!) – and that’s it!

The trick I really want to teach my horse isn’t on the list! Can you help with me with that one too? 

Yes, absolutely! These ten are the tricks that I will be giving a full video tutorial for, but I’m happy to share some tips and tricks to help you get started for the one you have in mind as well, and plan to dedicate a big part of our final zoom call to tricks that weren’t covered in this course.

What payment methods are available? 

You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card below, and if you’re Canadian (like me!) and would rather just send me an etransfer we can do that too – email me at to set it up!

How much does it cost to join?

$250 CAD (that’s about $185 for our American friends)