FREE Haunch Turn Mini Course

A good haunch turn is the cornerstone of a winning showmanship pattern, an integral part of halter obstacle, and a fun and useful skill for your Miniature Horse to have.

Register for the FREE Haunch Turn Mini Course to learn the easy, step by step method I use to teach the haunch turn. This proven technique makes it easy for your horse to understand, building on each baby step to create a confident and willing partner.

In Lesson One, we’ll introduce the cues and set up the line of communication that we’ll use to build the full haunch turn. Every day for five days, you’ll gain access to a new video, building on the skills of the days before, to allow your horse to learn the new skill faster than you’ll believe!

Each lesson includes real life video of multiple horses learning in real time – you’ll see every second that was spent with them on this skill, and see how some very different horse personalities approach it.