COVID-19 Special – Understanding Your Miniature Horse

I wanted to offer something in response to the current world crisis – something that would be accessible to all Miniature Horse lovers, even those who are away from their horses while self-isolating, and something that wasn’t goal specific.

So I’m offering my popular Understanding Your Miniature Horse course at a 50% discount for the duration of the pandemic.

You’ll get access to the course page with all the video content and pdf printouts, but not the usual community or regular emails to discuss each module as it comes out. You’ll get it all at once, and you’re welcome to reach out to me with questions!

The topics covered in this course are below:

What Your Horse Needs
Learning Theory
Emotional Systems
Positive, Negative and Combined Reinforcement
The Importance of Timing
Reinforcement History
How Horses See
Breath Communication
Opposition Reflex
Interpretation of Body Language
Learned Helplessness
Scientific Method

Here’s what others are saying about the course content:

“I loved this course. Valuable information delivered in a fantastic format. Kendra has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and an excellent teaching style. She’s able to clearly communicate complex ideas by giving practical examples in an entertaining and down-to-earth way. I really appreciate her emphasis on using positive reinforcement and approaching training from a scientific perspective. I also enjoyed the cute kittens playing in the background of the videos!”

“The material was delivered in an organized, interesting and easy to understand format. I’d recommend it for any horse owners, not just Miniature Horse owners.”

“This course was great for the new horse owner and the experienced horse owner both. I wish I had had this information prior to training my horses as I would have done many things different. Kendra is so easy to understand and provides excellent examples of how the techniques work and how different variables can result in bad results. I have taken over 200 classes from a variety of trainers as I was completely new to horses 6 years ago. This was the best class on Reinforcement and Punishment that I have found. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a good relationship with a well trained miniature horse.”

“Kendra is a vibrant and fun teacher making me laugh and really tune in to what she had to share with her passion. I loved hearing her laugh in the videos and the way the videos made me feel like we were having a nice chat together instead of having the information just thrown at me. I found the way she laid out the information to be very easy to follow and understand. She definitely brought about a different understanding of my minis during this course!”

Limited time offer – regular $50