Module 1 – Learning Theory

Scientific Studies on the Benefits of Positive Reinforcement:

Describe at least two instances in which you’ve used positive reinforcement with your horse, and two instances in which you used negative reinforcement. Or if you’re new to horses, ways you COULD use positive and negative reinforcement.

Module 2 – Choosing A Bridge Signal

What will you be using as your bridge signal, and why did you make this choice?

Module 3 – Be Polite

Introduce your bridge signal and the concept of Be Polite. Share your experiences below, and if you’d rather show than describe, you’re welcome to share a YouTube video link instead. Have fun!

Module 4 – Target Training

Choose a target and introduce it to your horse. Share your experiences below, in written and/or video form! Have fun!

Module 5 – Four Simple Skills

Bailey Session 1

Bailey Session 2

Bailey Session 3

Wish Session 1

Wish Session 2

Wish Session 3

Ryah Session 1

Ryah Session 2

Go play! Introduce the four exercises to your horse: walking over a tarp, first steps of sidepass and back, and work at liberty. Check in below and report on how it goes! As always, video is good too!

Module 6 – The Sky’s The Limit

Use your imagination! Come up with some ideas of how you can incorporate positive reinforcement in your training to help you reach your goals. What fun will you and your horse have in the future? List your ideas in the comment box below!