The Miniature Horsemanship Groundwork Masterclass will introduce you to a fear free, confidence building system for working with your Miniature Horse.

Learn to identify your horse’s personality traits, so you can work with them, instead of against them.

Instead of “showing your horse who’s boss,” you’ll learn about the benefits of positive reinforcement. Instead of a dictatorship, you’ll learn to build a partnership with your horse so you can work together as a team.

With an ongoing series of goals, your horse will develop the skills they need to be a pleasure to handle for day to day care, and have the foundation to become a polished performer in halter obstacle, showmanship or horse agility.

Each goal will include differences exercises to help your horse understand, and how to decide which ones are likely to work with your horse.

Following the theory based lecture on each goal, you’ll have access to real life video training sessions with two very different equine personalities, one very reactive and cautious, the other strong and stubborn.

As soon as you register, you’ll get the introduction video, with a complete guide to the basics of groundwork. A week later you’ll get access to the first goal, exercises and demo training videos, and then each week thereafter there’ll be another goal for you work on, and you’ll continue to get more instructional and demonstration videos for a total of 8 weeks.

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